SNES Emulator Download and install on iOS

SNES Emulator : If you are having this console you will be able to play all the games which are available for Super Nintendo. Now as there are different emulators available which will help one in playing all the games available for a console on smartphones and tablets, there is one available for Super Nintendo aswell. SNES is a free emulator which you can use on iOS devices to play all the games which are available for Super Nintendo console. One of the best things about this emulator is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device in order to use it.

SNES EmulatorThe guide which we are going to share below will work on all the devices which are running on iOS 6 till iOS 8. If the operating system of your iPhone or iPad lies between iOS 6 to iOS 8 then you can follow this guide.

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How to install SNES Emulator on iPhone

It is very easy to download and use this emulator on your iPhone as you don’t need to jailbreak your device. You only need your iPhone to download and install the emulator. Follow the step by step guide shared below which will help you to download and install SNES emulator on iPhone.

  1. Open any browser on your iPhone and then enter in the address bar which will open iEmulators website. Now you have to tap on the apps tab here.
  2. You will see all the emulators here which are available for downloading. Select SiOS: A SNES emulator from here. Once you have selected this emulator you will see information about it. Scroll to the bottom where you will find Install button. Tap on this button which will begin installing the emulator on your iPhone.
  3. A confirmation message will be displayed on your iPhone which will say “ would like to install “SiOS” You have to select Install button from here.
  4. Tap on the home button and you will reach the homescreen of your iPhone.
  5. You will see an error message which will say “Unable to download app”. Tap on the Retry button. Keep tapping on retry button unless the app gets downloaded on your iPhone.
  6. Now you have to open Settings of your iPhone and then go to General and choose Date and Time tab. If you are still seeing the error keep tapping on Retry button. Now choose Set automatically option and turn it off. Also change the date and make sure that it is atleast 2 months old.
  7. The installation of emulator will start on your iPhone. Once SNES emulator is installed on your iPhone you can set the date back to automatically and adjust the time.

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You can now play all your favourite Super Nintendo games on your iPhone using SNES emulator.

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